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Oatmeal soap gift set
Lavender body butter and Oatmeal soap gift set
Sun and sand handmade soaps stars seashells palm tree wavy design
Oatmeal soap gift set
Lavender body butter and Oatmeal soap gift set
Sun and sand handmade soaps stars seashells palm tree wavy design

Gift Box Oatmeal Soaps Gift Box | Oatmeal Soaps | Body Butter | Lips


Natural Vermont lavender and honey used in this handmade soap makes a moisturizing bar of soap. Combined with finely ground natural oatmeal provides a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells resulting in smoother skin.

Vermont lavender flowers are finely ground and added to this moisturizing soap. The flowers are added for additional lavender natural scent and gentle exfoliation.

The oatmeal is an all-natural and attracts moisture to your skin, keeping your skin soft and supple. It can help with dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis and rashes caused by the heat.

Sun an sand (star soap bar) has the same ingredients as the oatmeal soaps, but smells like a day at the beach with a little lavender scent for a summer breezy soap.

Ingredients: Oils: Palm (CSPO), coconut, sunflower, olive, rice bran, castor;  cocoa butter, oat extract, Vermont honey, ground natural oats & Vermont lavender buds, lavender essential oil, oatmeal and honey fragrance oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide

There are  different types of honey oatmeal lavender soaps. The Sun and Sand soaps (looks like a star in the photo) vary for each bar. No two bars alike.

Treat yourself to the day at the spa with lavender body butter. Made with all natural ingredients right here in the U.S.A. Vermont to be exact. These body butters provide deep moisturizing protection from head to toe, and is an exceptional treatment for dry skin and psoriasis.  

LAVENDER BUTTER INGREDIENTS: Lavender butter (sweet almond oil and hydrogenated vegetable oil plus lavender extract), arrowroot powder, orchid extract, meadowfoam oil, lavender essential oils.

**Orchid extract is high in anti-oxidants and is a humectant that moisturizes, soothes and conditions our skin.

Lip Balm: Keep those lips super soft and moisturized all year long. Lip balm - lavender, lavender tangerine, raspberry or lavender vanilla

Each bar is hand cut, packaged and labeled.

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