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Subscription Box - Starter

Subscription Box - Starter


Soap of the Month Club (2-3 items) - Free Shipping

Vermont Lavender has you covered. With a monthly soap subscription box you'll never run out of handmade soap. Join in our Soap of the Month Club! We will send you an exclusive handmade full size bar of our soaps between the 15th and 20th every month. This is the time frame when the box will be shipped between those dates.

Order times: If you order after the 20th of the month then your subscription box will be shipped the next month.

Each bar will be between 3 to 5+ ounces. These will have either scented soaps with essential oils, fragrance oils or unscented. Plus a surprise bath essential is included in your monthly soap box.

If you prefer unscented or essential oil products only please email me with your preferences so I can update your account.

Free shipping is included in this offer.

*Monthly recurring charge will have an invoice sent from my business Paypal account as a recurring charge. An email notification and confirmation will be sent. Notification of shipment will be sent.

No obligation, modify or cancel any time.



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