Did You Know Pump Lotions Contain Perservatives?

Did You Know Pump Lotions Contain Perservatives?

We talked earlier this week about over-the-counter lotions containing water, which evaporates. Did you also know most lotions contain a number of preservatives, too?

Just like food, lotions need to last for quite a while on store shelves. And just as food has added preservatives, so do lotions. The biggest reason for the addition of preservatives is the water. Bacteria grow in water, and with shelf lives of up to two years, it's important to ensure that bacteria don't find a home in the stocked lotions. However, some of the preservatives, like phenoxyethanol, which is petroleum-based, or formaldehyde, can irritate the skin. Our lotion is a stick and has no water, so there aren't any preservatives in our lotion.

Wondering about some of the ingredients in the lotion you're using? Feel free to ask me about them.

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