What Is A Shower Steamer? Shower Fizzy, Bath Fizzy, Shower Puck, Body Bomb

Shower steamers or bath fizzies an aromatherapy experience by Vermont Lavender LLC

Shower Steamers

What is a shower steamer?

A shower steamer is essentially a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzes and releases essential oils into your shower to create an amazing, aroma-therapeutic experience while taking a shower.

It has many similar meaning names like shower bomb, shower fizzy, bath fizzy, shower puck. As long as it has shower in the name it's made for shower use only and not to used when taking a bath for soaking.

A shower steamer does not touch the skin, unless it's made with a soaping ingredient that can be used both as a shower steamer and then a cleanser for the body called a body bomb.

Our shower steamers here at Vermont Lavender are made for the shower use only for an aromatherapy experience and not for soaking in the tub or soaping the body.

How to Make - Watch Video

Shower Steamers | Making Shower Fizzies | How To DIY

Shower Steamers | Making Shower Fizzies | How To DIY | Vermont Lavender

Learn how to make shower fizzies a.k.a. shower steamers at home. In this DIY project you’ll the beginner steps in making these using essential oils and mistakes to avoid when making this aromatherapy product.

Get The BASIC Recipe Here

Shower Steamer Basic Recipe PDF download

Where should a steamer be placed in a shower?

Place the shower steamer, bomb, puck or fizzy into a corner of the tub or shower (either on a ledge or the floor of the tub/shower stall) where it's out of the direct spray. As long as some water gets splashed on it - either when you reach for the shampoo bottle or deliberately drip water on the shower steamer.


Shower Fizzy In Action Demo | Vermont Lavender | #shorts

Shower Fizzy In Action Demo | Vermont Lavender | #shorts

  How long do shower steamers last?

The average shelf life of bath bombs is around six months. Bath bombs are a compacted mix of natural ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Both Ingredients have a long shelf life, but citric acid starts to lose its potency over time.

Our shower steamers are made fresh every week to ensure the best experience and beautiful aromatherapy scents while in the shower.

Are bath bombs and shower bombs the same?

Well shower bombs typically contain similar ingredients to bath bombs, but the main difference is that they don't require large quantities of moisturizing oils, since they don't come into contact with the skin. Some shower steamers/bombs are made with butters and oils, but are not benefiting the skin and the costly ingredient is going down the drain.

When menthol crystals are used in the shower steamers to help with sinus or allergy relief they should be handled carefully by rinsing or washing hands after touching.

What are menthol crystals?

Menthol Crystals are colorless prismatic crystals derived from steam distilled peppermint oil. When used for products that go on the skin they give a fresh, cool and tingling sensation. They're used in many skin care products like lotions, creams, ointments and balms.

Menthol crystals dissolve easily in oil and alcohol bases only like rubbing alcohol. Then the crystals are dissolved and used in shower steamers, foot soaks, scrubs and balms.

Used in cosmetics containing peppermint to boost its cooling and freshening effects for either the skin or aroma-therapeutic benefits. A little goes a long way!

 Are shower Steamer's worth it?

Shower steamers are less aesthetically pleasing than bath bombs, but they are also more practical and therefore worth the small expense of utilizing them.

The most expensive ingredient in shower steamers are the essential oils and fragrance oils.

The essential oil and fragrance oil blend in a shower steamer are relaxing and great for soothing stress or just to perk you up and make you feel good.

Perfect for anyone that needs relief from sinus congestion (relief scent) or who wants to just relax after a long day. It's also a great alternative for someone who doesn't have time for a bath. They make great gifts, travel, party favors, or use it for yourself to practice self-care.

Can I use a shower fizzy as a bath bomb?

Shower steamers or shower bombs will use essential oils in greater concentration than in bath bombs. So for this reason we do not recommend using them in the bath. Since the higher concentration of essential oils especially if they contain menthol crystals are irritating to your skin if taking a bath with them.

It is possible to use a shower bomb in the bath, but you should first check and be sure of what the ingredients are.

What is a shower steamer bomb?

A shower steamer bomb is essentially a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzes and releases essential oils into your shower to create an amazing, aromatherapeutic experience.

What is a shower body bomb?

It's a combination of the shower steamer and soap for the body. A shower and a bath bomb too! The body bomb fizzes when adding water allowing a creamy foam to get fizzy. Then the creamy foam can be used to wash the body leaving a silky, soft feel to the skin. This shower body bomb does contain an oil that nourishes the skin.

What is a Shower Burst? Call it Essential Oil Burst

A shower burst made with only essential oils turns your shower into a luxurious at-home spa experience. As does the expense of the shower - essential oil burst - because of the higher quantities of essential oils used in the shower steamer for a true aromatherapy experience.


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