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Vermont lavender with bumble bee by Vermont Lavender LLC
This summer we're highlighting our 5 best soaps. These include soaps for dry skin, acne, eczema - sensitive skin and for men. Let’s not forget about preventing bug bites too.

A simple soap can help with all of this. Well, it’s a blend of the best summer scents of herbs, flowers and plants. Why not enjoy some of these summer stars in your kitchen or bathroom with an all-natural, handmade soap.

While summer brings the warm sun to our skin, it can also bring bug bites, seasonal eczema, psoriasis outbreaks, heat rashes, and other uncomfortable challenges that can make you feel less than your confident self.

When I plan each season's soaps, I think about how the outdoors affect people's skin. For the best summer soaps, it's important to stay moisturized without overdoing it, protected from bugs, and not be too perfumed.

These would include scents of lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, basil, peppermint, tea tree, lavender or no scent at all. Read more about Lavender The Anti-Inflammatory Oil here.

One of the main ingredients in our soaps is goat's milk because it's wonderful for moisturizing. In fact, using a soap with goat's milk should help you reduce or eliminate the need for extra moisturizing during the warmer months. It’s true and this is one of our go to soaps for the hot summer months.

  • 💟 Goat's milk also holds the scents in the soaps longer, so those wonderful aromas of peppermint, lavender, rosemary, or our florals stay on your skin longer.

And with goat milk used in my handmade soap’s we’ve added lemon eucalyptus the main ingredient in our lemon citrus bug soap. Lemon Citrus Soap | Acne | Goat Milk Soap | Dry Skin Soap  It’s also helps with acne that may flare up more with the heat of summer.

The lemon citrus soap includes lavender and tea tree oils, and you've got a combination that smells fantastic, protects your skin naturally all day long. When using this soap lather up around the hairline and ears to help keep bugs off these areas that are often missed with bug spray.

Have some campers or other outdoor enthusiasts in your life? Our lemon citrus bug soap is a must-have for the summer!

  • 💟 When the summer heat’s up our skin needs help!

When using tea tree oil for acne-prone skin is another solution for reducing the severity of acne breakouts. This soap will help your skin without causing dryness, itchiness, or burning sensation.

✔ Acne prone skin
✔ Mechanics - hand washing
✔ Gardener's soap bar
✔ Removes dirt, debris and excess oils

Lemon Exfoliating Soap | Tea Tree | Acne | Gardeners | Mechanics

The lemon exfoliating tea soap is one of the best soaps for men along with these other soaps.

  • 💟 Next we have basil, lemon eucalyptus and lavender…oh my!

Look no further than the Herb Gardener’s soap. Basil, Lavender Rosemary Lemon | Head Gardener | Gardener's Gift Well, with our Herb Garden all-natural, handmade soap, you can have the nice, smooth skin too.

A star moisturizing soap made with shea butter, avocado oil, basil, lavender, rosemary, and lemon eucalyptus while protecting your skin all at once. We love making this soap, because with the beautiful combination of scents, it's like we're creating summer right in our studio.

  • 💟 Sensitive Skin - Eczema or Psoriasis

Vermont Honey and Oatmeal Soap | Unscented | Facial Soap | Dry Skin Care | Eczema Psoriasis

Oatmeal natural honey soap is unscented and fragrance free facial or body soap bar

One of the best oatmeal honey soap bar that's moisturizing and soothing for eczema or psoriasis skin.  A light honey natural scent made with organic oatmeal sprinkled on top to complete the look. The honeycomb look on top adds a mild exfoliating experience for the face or all over the body.

Then we have lavender the main star of all our skin care products. This soap scent will not disappoint and is one of our most popular soaps. Lavender Oatmeal Soap | Lavender Essential Oil | Colloidal Oatmeal

  • 💟 Lavender #1 For Skin Care

Lavender essential oil has been added to this batch of oatmeal handmade soaps. Combined with finely ground natural oatmeal provides a gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells resulting in smoother skin. The oatmeal is an all-natural and attracts moisture to your skin, keeping your skin soft and supple

So, there you have it. A simple list of the 5 best soaps for dry skin, for acne, for eczema and for men.


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