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First Day of Fall - Dry Winter Skin Seasonal Skincare Fall Tips

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Dry winter skincare, First day of Fall 2021, blog post by Vermont Lavender

On September 22, 2021, the day and night will be almost equal in most locations. It’s called the autumn equinox. What I call the transition from summer to fall. This is my favorite time of year. The summer heat is finished here in Vermont and so is the humidity, but the main event is the fall harvest.

All the watering, weeding, and TLC given to the vegetable garden is now becoming abundant. Pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and beets are being washed to preserve for winter.

Plus, the summer sun burns, and heat rashes are gone to be replaced by the dry skin regime of moisturizing daily to keep skin soft and supple. Don’t worry Vermont Lavender has you covered for your dry winter skincare needs.

So, sit back with a warm cup of tea, hot coffee or cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the next season of cozy sweaters and watch the maple leaves change to beautiful fall colors of autumn.

Dry Winter Skincare Tips

  • Stay Moisturized. - Transition from pump lotions to body butters (longer lasting moisturizer)
  • Beware Dry Air. - Bring out the humidifier and get it ready
  • Avoid Hot Water. - Oat milk baths help sooth dry skin - use warm cool water
  • Sugar Scrubs and Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub - Gently exfoliate the skin for winter
  • Continue Using Sunscreen (SPF 15 -30) - Especially the face
  • Drink Plenty Of Water.- Stay hydrated to keep skin hydrated

Seasonal Skincare Fall Tips

Skincare Routine for Fall

  • Dry Sensitive Skin - Hydrate With Aloe and shea, Collagen peptides and calendula infused sweet almond oil

  • Start Using A Thicker Moisturizer. ...Body Butter

  • Apply Daily a Lip Moisturizer and Under eye cream daytime and serum at night

  • Add Vitamin C To Your Regimen - Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, lime to your water or tea

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