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Mango Butter Benefits For Skin | Mango Butter vs. Shea Butter

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Mango butter skin benefits Mango butter vs. Shea butter by Vermont Lavender

The mango butter benefits are similar to cocoa butter where they both help to soften your skin. With the abundance of Vitamin E and Vitamin C the mango butter benefits for the skin are abundant with it's protection from environmental stressors.

These would include sunlight, pollution, and even blue light we get from our electronic devices or screen time. This can cause premature aging as we have learned from the suns damaging rays with overexposure. We still need at least 20 minutes a day for Vitamin D for our bodies.

See below the mango butter vs. shea butter vs. cocoa butter are below.

Mango Butter Benefits

🌸 Skin softener
🌸 Environmental protector
🌸 Boost skin’s luster
🌸 Absorbed easily into skin & hair
🌸 Non-comedogenic
🌸 Non-greasy
🌸 Hyperpigmentation helper
🌸 Hydrates skin

Protective Moisturizer

Mango butter helps as a protective layer to moisturize your skin. So, when used in a body butter it’s an effective moisturizer. How this body butter helps is how it gets absorbed into the skin. Similar to shea butter and cocoa butter’s cousins this butter is a light, non-greasy butter that glides onto the skin smoothly. It may feel like a body oil than a lotion.

Mango Scent?

This butter is refined meaning it smells nothing like mangos. People may think that mango butter has a scent like the fruit, but the way it’s been extracted from the kernel of the mango tree it doesn’t. Making it easy to add your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil.

Dark Spots

Mango butter is known to boost skin’s luster and natural radiance that may reduce dark spots. It helps to cleanse the skin’s surface of impurities and unblocks pores. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties speed up healing. So, it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts known as being non-comedogenic.


The juice of the mango is naturally high in vitamins A, C and B6, which may help boost collagen production, clear bad acne breakouts and fade hyperpigmentation. As Trinity Mouzon, the founder of supplement turned skincare brand Golde tells TZR.

Mango Butter vs. Shea Butter vs. Cocoa Butter

The choice of using mango butter during certain times of the year is important. Because mango butter is softer than shea and cocoa butter, it contains more fatty acids making it a more intense moisturizer.

So, for mango butter vs. shea butter vs. cocoa butter here’s the comparative hardness. Mango butter is moderate. Shea butter is the softest and used in many body butters or can be used by itself. Cocoa butter is the hardest and it’s added to prevent any other softer butters from melting during hot seasonal temperatures.

 Why is it grainy?

Sometimes a body butter may seem grainy when being applied to the skin. This is because a whipped body butter can get grainy when it experiences a temperature increase and then cools too slowly. You can fix this by gently remelting the body butter, make sure not to melt it too quickly and then cool it to get rid of that grainy texture.

Luxurious Butter

Lastly, mango butter has little to no odor and being rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it helps ease dry skin conditions and slows down degeneration of skin cells. A superb butter to add to any handmade body butter making it a luxury body butter.

Mango body butter video how to make whipped mango peony rose body butter by Vermont Lavender

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