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My Story

Posted by Diane Maurice on
My Story

The main reason I began my business is because my family and I suffer from different types of dry skin throughout the year.

I tried everything for myself, my kids, and my spouse, from over-the-counter products in drug stores to organic remedies I found online. Nothing worked. I'm a Master Gardener (that's a rose from my garden), so I took my knowledge of plants and herbs, and put together different blends of dried leaves and powders to alleviate the chapped hands, lips, and feet my family and I experienced. My hard work paid off, and Vermont Lavender was born.

People deserve to be comfortable in their skin. When your skin is dry, itchy, and uncomfortable, you are uncomfortable. It doesn't matter if the skin is on your lips, your face, your feet, or your body as a whole - you deserve to feel good, naturally.

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