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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ | Vermont Lavender

Posting a Review

Use the SEARCH OUR STORE or Search Bar Icon (a magnifying glass symbol) and type in your product you'd like to leave a review. Once you've found the product scroll down until you find Review  + , click on the + and this will open up so you can leave a review. Any questions please email me.


Product Missing or Not Found

This means that the product has been "sold out" or is no longer listed on my website.


Herb Ingredients:

Do you grow your own ingredients?

I'm a master gardener and grow all of the herbs infused into my skin care products, especially calendula, lavender, roses, chamomile, arnica and others.

Do you grow lavender?

Yes, I use it in my skin care products.

Do you sell lavender in bulk?

Yes, I will have it available for a limited time for sale on my store.



Do you ship outside the United States?

No, only exception is Canada at this time.