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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ | Vermont Lavender

Posting a Review

Use the search bar icon (a magnifying glass symbol) and type in your product you'd like to leave a review. Once you've found the product scroll down until you find Review  + , click on the + and this will open up so you can leave a review. Any questions please email me.


Product Missing or Not Found

This means that the product has been "sold out" or is no longer listed on my website.


Herb Ingredients:

Do you grow your own ingredients?

I'm a master gardener and grow all of the herbs infused into my skin care products, especially calendula, lavender, roses, chamomile, arnica and others.

Do you grow lavender?

Yes, I use it in my skin care products.

Do you sell lavender in bulk?

Yes, I will have it available for a limited time for sale on my store.



Do you ship outside the United States?

No, only exception is Canada at this time.


Hemp Extract: CBD

Where do you get your hemp extract full spectrum from?

It comes from locally sourced hemp farmers here in Vermont and Colorado.

Is the hemp extract full spectrum lab tested and certified?

Yes, I researched in detail trusted local certified Vermont farmers and one Colorado company.