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Lavender Linen Soap | Daisy Embed Design

Lavender Linen Soap | Daisy Embed Design


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Lavender Linen:

This soap has a daisy embed soap mixed between the sky cloud design. Scented with lavender essential oil help you relax and reduce stress naturally. Plus the soothing aromatherapy properties help to promote tranquility, circulation, and reduce stress.  A clean scented soap that's great for the skin and may remind you of freshly hung sheets that your mother hung out to dry during the summer.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Olive oil, palm oil (CSPO), coconut oil, castor oil, sunflower oil, lavender essential oils, fragrance oil, titanium dioxide, colorants, mica, distilled water, sodium hydroxide

Two weight options: Large 4.7 oz +   Small 3.25 oz

Each bar is hand cut, packaged and labeled.

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