Healthy Moisturized Skin vs. Damaged Dry Skin

Healthy Moisturized Skin vs. Damaged Dry Skin

Last week we talked about what to do about dry skin, but what are the signs of dry skin?

One of the most obvious signs is when the skin gets flaky and white. Many times, the skin will itch when it gets dried out, and scratching only makes the irritation worse. Your skin may also feel tight, especially after bathing or showering.

At this time of year, when your skin has been exposed multiple times to intense cold and heat repeatedly, it's critical to use products that will actually penetrate the dermis, so healing occurs. Remember that almost all over-the-counter lotions have water in them, which doesn't penetrate the skin, and any products with water always have preservatives.

Our lotion is an all-natural stick that has no water and contains calendula, which has been used for centuries to repair dry, cracked skin.

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