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Did You Know Pump Lotions Have Water?

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Did You Know Pump Lotions Have Water?

Did you know that most pump lotions have water in them? They do, and this isn't good for your skin.

Water evaporates, which is why you have to apply and reapply pump lotions again and again. This is also why these kinds of lotions don't penetrate your skin deep enough to repair the cracks and dryness you have from the winter weather.

Vermont Lavender lotions have zero water. In fact, they're in stick form, so they go on easily, carry easily, and penetrate your skin to soothe and repair the damage Old Man Winter does each snowy season.

Is it time to tell your dry winter hands to "stick it"? Vermont Lavender is here to help.

And if you're looking for something special to give to your favorite valentine this year, look no further than our Vermont Lavender Foot Care Spa Box! Each one comes with a free handmade Chocolate Lavender goat's milk soap, so order yours today.

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