Foot Balm Rescue

Foot Balm Rescue

The last priority to cover for chapped skin: the feet!

Even though our feet are covered in thick socks and boots during the winter, they get pretty beat up - especially if you're someone who works outside during the cold months. Cracked feet are painful and very hard to heal because the skin is thicker on the bottoms of our feet than other parts of the body.

The key to repairing dry, cracked feet is using something that is readily absorbed by the skin. The best ingredient I've found is Shea butter. Not only is this kind of butter absorbed quickly and easily, it fills the cracks that can develop on the feet.

I also infuse our foot balm with Bulgarian lavender. This kind of lavender is specifically used to heal skin, and has antiseptic and analgesic properties that ease pain and prevent infection.

Foot Care Tips:

  1. Wash your feet daily - preventing bacteria to take a foot hold (pun intended)
  2. Keep your feet moisturized daily - prevents cracked skin on feet
  3. Proper shoes are so important for good posture and back care
  4. Stinky feet - they need extra help with natural powders for healthy feet
  5. Dry feet - prevents bacteria and other skin issues from starting
  6. Shower safety - with non-slip pads so you don't slip
  7. Don't slip - After applying a foot balm wear socks or slippers
  8. Trim your toenails - Trim straight across and not arched to prevent painful ingrown toenails

And speaking of feet, our Foot Care Spa Box includes everything your loved one needs to have happy feet all winter long. Order yours in time for Valentine's Day and get a FREE Chocolate Lavender handmade goat's milk soap with it!

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