Foot Care For Dry Feet

Foot Care For Dry Feet

Dry skin on the feet, especially around the heels, is a common complaint during the winter months. But feet can quickly go from dry to cracked and painful, so it's important to stay aware of the skin's condition on your feet.

The first tip-off that it's time to moisturize regularly is if the skin on your feet feel tight after bathing or showering. Additionally, if you notice you can easily peel off dead skin after a shower or a bath, you already have a layer of dry skin that needs attending to.

 If your skin has begun to crack, it's imperative to fill those cracks before bacteria or fungus can infect the cracks. The key to repairing these cracks is using a product that is readily and easily absorbed by the skin and fills the cracks. The best ingredient we've found is shea butter, and we use it in our Foot Balm along with Bulgarian lavender.

Looking to make someone's feet happy? Our Foot Care Spa Box is the perfect gift!

Foot Care Spa Box | Bulgarian Lavender | Love Your Feet And Heels

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