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Foot Care For Winter's Artic Blast

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Foot Care For Winter's Artic Blast

We've been fairly lucky so far this winter and haven't seen too much of the "Arctic Blast," but winter isn't over yet and there's still more to come. Arctic Blasts are as dry as the Sahara, and when you add indoor heat on top of one, your skin gets even drier. Even weather people on television will say to keep lotion and lip balm on hand!

The key to replenishing winter skin is penetrating the dermis. This is why I use calendula oil in my lotions. Calendula is a natural soother that is also antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. It is gentle on the skin and penetrates the dermis, repairing the cracks from the outdoor cold and indoor heat.

Have questions about calendula and how it works? Feel free to message me.

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