It's All About Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary mint handmade lotion is moisturizing for skin care and has peppermint essential oil made here in local Barre, VT.

We're back in Vermont this week for our final ingredient of April.

Most people associate this plant with cooking. While it is a wonderful herb to cook with, its essential oil is even better to use in all-natural products like ours. What's your guess on what it is?

If you guessed... rosemary - then you're correct!

We use rosemary in a number of our products because it blends well with lots of other essential oils and has a clean scent thanks to low base notes. However, the health benefits are many, and we'll discuss those more this week.

What ways have you used rosemary outside of your kitchen?

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While rosemary is native to the sea cliffs of the Mediterranean, I grow it here in Vermont. The Latin translation of its name means "dew of the sea," and it's been used since Roman times for medicinal purposes.

Rosemary belongs to an aromatic family of herbs that includes Basil, Lavender, Myrtle, and Sage. One use of rosemary is for memory and concentration.

Research indicates that inhaling rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking, concentration, and memory. Other research suggests that breathing rosemary and other essential oils may improve brain function.

How have you used rosemary oil to strengthen your concentration?

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Like other essential oils, rosemary oil has antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, making it excellent for healing and protecting your skin.

Additionally, rosemary also helps repel certain blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes that can spread harmful viruses and bacteria. This is why we add rosemary oil to our all-natural bug spray.

How have you used rosemary to protect your skin?

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Stress and anxiety are hitting some high notes these days. When people experience high levels of stress continuously, cortisol, the "stress hormone," is released. Too much cortisol can lead to weight gain, lack of sleep, and irritability, just to name a few.

Studies have shown that inhaling rosemary oil may help reduce cortisol levels, which helps reduce body stress and improve overall body function. We love to use rosemary oil in our soaps because the scent helps further the relaxation you experience in the shower or bath.

How has rosemary oil helped you destress?

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I hope I've been able to give you a glimpse of how versatile rosemary is beyond the kitchen. I also hope that I've been able to show you why it's so important to us to use essential oils in our products, and how they help you naturally.

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