Lavender goat milk soap made naturally by Vermont Lavender LLC

10 Reasons Cold Process Soap Is Good for Your Skin

Cold process soap is good for your skin in many ways including benefits that keep the skin healthier naturally. These soaps are made by hand without the normal chemicals added like commercial soaps. The ingredients...
A collection of handmade soaps by Vermont Lavender

Why I Quit Using Chemical Soaps

I quit using chemical soaps because my hands were so dry, red and irritated. You see, I suffered from psoriasis, but didn't realize that's what I had. So, one day I was at a craft...
Vermont Lavender has your gift box solutions for realtors, closing gifts, corporate gift and thank you gifts.

Thank You Gifts To Grow Your Business, Realtors, Clients, Customers, Christmas

Recently, he approached me about our Soap Gift box. He gives his clients a Thank You gift each time he completes a project, and he liked what we have, but he wanted to customize it...
Vermont Honey and Oatmeal unscented soap for eczema and psoriasis are gentle moisturizing soaps made here in Barre, Vermont.

Best Soap For Eczema

While summer brings the warm sun to our skin, it can also bring bug bites, seasonal eczema, psoriasis outbreaks, heat rashes, and other uncomfortable challenges that can make you feel less than your confident self.
The best soaps for summer smell great for summer days at the beach, barbeques and family camping trips.

Best Soaps For Summer

This month is our take on spring cleaning as we highlight our soaps! Protecting your skin is a year-round job, and there's no better way to start than in your shower or bath with an...
About Handmade Soaps - Video

About Handmade Soaps - Video

If your hands are getting really dry and irritated give handmade soaps a try. Handmade soaps are gentle and won’t strip away the natural oils from our skin, especially our hands.
Soap for Days - Video

Soap for Days - Video

With all the viruses we've had through the years soap remains the best way to stay clean and healthy. Learn how natural handmade soap is a simple way to protect yourself and loved ones from...
English palmarosa Vermont Lavender soap has a beautiful rose scented soap made locally here in Barre, Vermont.

Need to Wake Up in the Morning?

Did you know that oatmeal attracts moisture to your skin? That's why we love to use all-natural ground oatmeal in our Honey and Oatmeal soap. Using locally-sourced honey with cocoa butter and lavender oil makes...