Why I Quit Using Chemical Soaps

A collection of handmade soaps by Vermont Lavender

I quit using chemical soaps because my hands were so dry, red and irritated. You see, I suffered from psoriasis, but didn't realize that's what I had.

So, one day I was at a craft show here in Vermont and there was this nice lady selling handmade soaps. Oh, they smelled beautiful and looked amazing too. They weren't fancy with swirls, colors or embeds (soap within a soap), but had a natural feel and look to them.

This was my first experience in purchasing a handmade soap. I decided why not give these a try. The scent was nothing I had ever smelled before in a soap. You see, I was use to using commercial soaps sold at the local grocery store. I thought those were ok and they clean well, but nothing compared to these soaps.

After the show when I got home I decided to try these handmade soaps. And you know what they were amazing. My hands weren't dry and there was a light scent on my skin. I absolutely loved them. I couldn't wait for the next show that season to purchase some more.

But, I couldn't find her online because she didn't have an online store. So, I researched how to make handmade soaps myself. I purchased some equipment and supplies and then started making my own soaps.

When the Christmas season came around I became a vendor at a local show and started selling handmade soaps too. I included a business card with every purchase so my customers would know how to contact me. I also created an online store, so my customers could purchase the soaps easily anytime of year. 

Now, I make many varieties of handmade soaps specializing in dry sensitive skin like my own. And those who have eczema like my husband, relatives, friends and customers.

So, this is why I quit using chemical soaps on my hands and body. I absolutely love my handmade soaps. The leave my hands soft and not overly dry. My psoriasis has gone away too.

Let me know how if you've had a similar experience by leaving a comment below.

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