10 Reasons Cold Process Soap Is Good for Your Skin

Lavender goat milk soap made naturally by Vermont Lavender LLC

Cold process soap is good for your skin in many ways including benefits that keep the skin healthier naturally. These soaps are made by hand without the normal chemicals added like commercial soaps. The ingredients are many, but the basic handmade soap recipe includes sodium hydroxide (lye), distilled water, oils (fat) and maybe scent.

The reason handmade soaps are good for your skin are the non-stripping and non-drying benefits of the soaps. Commercial soaps are manufactured with detergents, which potentially strip away the sebum (natural skin oil) from the surface of the skin.

Sebum is naturally made by our bodies helping to seal in moisture and prevent skin from becoming overly dry. It also helps protect our bodies from bacteria by the body fighting against infections.

🌸 Non-drying
🌸 Won’t strip the sebum oil
🌸 All natural or organic ingredients
🌸 Best oils and essential oils
🌸 Pure colorants and clay's
🌸 Natural herbs – botanical soaps
🌸 Milk soaps – goat milk, buttermilk, coconut milk
🌸 Ingredients especially for dry skin, sensitive skin
🌸 Vegan or CBD
🌸 Luxurious – Spa, aromatherapy experience 


The best oil to use in cold process soap is olive oil. Soap made with only this ingredient is called castile soap. Other oils like coconut, palm (sustainable harvest palm oil), rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil, and castor oil are many of the natural if not organic oils that maybe used in making cold process soap.

These oils mentioned above have many skin loving qualities and benefits, but the three main oils are olive, coconut and palm. This combination with lye and distilled water makes a hard bar of natural handmade soap.


In addition, pure colorants and clay’s from the earth itself must be FD&C approved, tested and cleaned for use in skincare products. Only these type of approved ingredients are used in our handmade soap bars. Other ingredients including micas, oxides, pigments follow the same (FD&C) guideline are also used.


When adding herbs for added scent or artisan design the flowers of lavender, calendula, hibiscus, roses, jasmine and blue corn make the cold process soap feel like a luxury spa experience.

The finely ground herbs of mint, nettle, yarrow, carrot, spinach or beet not only add natural color, but an entire array of skin loving benefits. When adding these natural herbal ingredients these botanical soaps offer another way to connect to the earth. Botanical cold process soap is good for your skin too.

Milk Soaps

Milk soaps are excellent for dry skin. One of the most effective soaps for dry skin is the ingredients in goat milk. Why does this help so much with dry, sensitive skin and eczema?

Goat milk contains many minerals and vitamins that nourish the skin. The milk contains a high fat ingredient that helps moisturize the skin organically. Milk’s natural lactic acid promotes cell turnover, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Love it!


If a handmade soap does dry out the skin there maybe a few factors that may attribute to this.


  1. Coconut oil can be drying to the skin, or the person is allergic to it. Especially those with eczema may find coconut oil too drying.
  2. It’s lye heavy. When the cold process soap is made and cured correctly after the saponification process the soap no longer contains lye.


What about the white ash on top of my soap bar? Is this cold process soap good for my skin?


  1. It’s called soda ash.
  2. When soap is too cold after the soap is poured into the mold and then insulated to complete the saponification process soda ash may form.
  3. Soda ash occurs on soap due to the natural process of unsaponified lye reacting with carbon dioxide in the air. A natural harmless reaction when making cold process soap.
  4. Soaps with this left on top are used for an aesthetic looking artisan soap look and feel.

Here at Vermont Lavender Company, we used only natural approved ingredients when making our soaps. That’s why our cold process soap is good for your skin.

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