Lavender at the Bud Stage

Lavender at the Bud Stage

Yesterday, I talked about linalools and how we infuse them (dried) into our products at the bud stage, just as they are starting to open.

What you may not know is that lavender is described and assigned "notes" in a very similar way to wine. There are low, medium, and high notes. When it comes to creating our products, we use lavenders of different notes in different ways. For instance, we use lavender that contains all three notes in our lavender pump lotion. But for our lavender lotion stick, the medium notes work best. The notes themselves aren’t indicative of the quality of an essential oil. The way they work is that high notes are the first ones people smell, followed by medium and low tones that come after, as second and third-wave undertones of scent.

What do you notice when you smell lavender? Are there layers to the scent? I'd love to hear more about it.

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