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What Lavender Does Vermont Lavender Grow?

Posted by Diane Maurice on
What Lavender Does Vermont Lavender Grow?

By now you may be wondering what kind of lavender I grow here in Vermont.

As a Master Gardener, I'm happy to say that I get to grow several kinds of lavender, including Pink Perfume, Fred Boutin, Munstead, and Grosso, which is a hybrid lavender. Some of these species I grow in my greenhouse, and others I'm able to grow on my property during the warm months.

I love that I get to use the flowers right from my backyard in our products. I know how much healing they are capable of and it's such a pleasure to bring that to others.

I hope I've been able to show you what a tremendous plant lavender is, and why it's so important to our products. Lavender helps us give you the skin you deserve.

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