I Love Cocoa Butter

I Love Cocoa Butter

I love cocoa butter. I love how it feels on the skin and how it heals the skin.

One of the reasons that cocoa butter is so effective at penetrating the skin is that it melts at 95-98 degrees, which is right around body temperature. This means that as soon as you apply it, it starts to begin the healing. Cocoa butter also smells wonderful - you can get it undeodorized and it smells just like chocolate.

Lastly, I love that cocoa butter stays on your skin even after washing, has a lot of healing properties, and acts as a sealant against evaporation so it seals in moisture.

We use cocoa butter in several of our products, including our lip balms, because everyone should always be comfortable in their own skin.

I Love Cocoa Butter



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