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Oatmeal Benefits For Your Skin

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Oatmeal Benefits For Your Skin

The which, the why and the how this ingredient is a skin changer for sensitive, dry, and irritated skin.

If you have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or itchy sensitive skin oatmeal is one of the best remedies for irritating skin issues. It’s not the whole oat that is used in making cold process soap, bath soaks and even bath bombs, but the finely ground up oat powder that is the star ingredient.



When making this oatmeal soap the whole oats are ground up to a fine powder. The grinding of the oats results in granules that are difficult to be ground up and used as a layered effect when making oatmeal honey soap. I like to add it to the bottom layer of the soap and only a little is added so as not to irritate the skin any further. The reason for this is to help slough off dead dry skin that has been left behind. Encouraging smoother skin helps the skin to easily absorb the lotion or body butter that may be applied after washing.

Oatmeal honey soap can be used every day because it’s a natural moisturizing soap bar. It gently cleanses and washes away any dirt or debris left on the skin. Oatmeal soap is so gentle that works great for those with sensitive skin or irritated skin to reduce redness and inflammation.



Oatmeal powder, also known as colloidal oatmeal, is a fine powder and makes for an amazing facial and body soap bar ingredient. There is quite a bit added to the soap mixture when making this soap and the skin benefits are noticeable. This nourishing powder is so gentle and soothing that it doesn’t strip away any natural oil from the skin known as sebum.  

The colloidal oatmeal powder helps to hydrate and nourish the skin. Studies have shown that it helps to reduce dryness and itching, flaking and skin tightness.



When using colloidal oatmeal when making bath salts, bubble scoops, bath bombs, bath teas or other soaking products this is an excellent way to get the most benefits of this natural ingredient.  When using products for the bath and if you have extremely sensitive irritated skin then stay closer to lesser ingredients used in the bath product. For example, when buying products for sensitive skin look for ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

Unscented bath salts are made with Epsom salt that has magnesium benefits, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) a water softener and colloidal oatmeal. That’s it.



Bath tea made in bags can have whole oats added for an extra soothing bath. The bath tea has the same ingredients above, but calendula flowers and rose petals are added for their herbal skin soothing properties. Calendula is another skin soother that helps to repair dry, cracked, broken skin and reduce red irritated inflamed skin. Roses are one of the best skin soothers too like calendula, helps with wrinkles, cell turnover and dark spots to name a few.

When rinsing off an oatmeal bath soak use lukewarm water and pat the body to dry. Do not rub and cause any friction to avoid further irritating the already sensitive skin. This recommendation applies to the face and the body.



Some have asked whether oatmeal can remove dark spots. Oatmeal is a natural gentle skin lighting agent that may reduce dark spots and blotches on your skin. You’ll have to test to see if this is true as I have not noticed any difference yet.


So, the oatmeal skin soothing benefits are gently exfoliating, moisturizing and inflammation reducing. This is my go-to ingredient in any product – ALWAYS. If you’ve read my About Me page, then you’ll know I suffer from dry irritated skin too. I hope you found this article helpful. If you want to see how I make oatmeal soap and oatmeal bath products, then check out my YouTube channel @vermontlavender. Hope to see you there. Take care! 😊


Written by Diane Maurice-Brault

Owner of Vermont Lavender LLC

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