Cedarwood, Lavender And Peppermint Make Lavenderwood Lotion

Cedarwood, Lavender And Peppermint Make Lavenderwood Hand And Body Lotion by Vermont Lavender

As we continue to bring you great ideas about protecting yourself against bugs this summer, we couldn't leave out a customer favorite: our Lavenderwood Lotion.

Just like the name indicates, this lotion combines the essential oils of lavender, cedarwood and peppermint with additional skin soothing elements (Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil) to provide a double layer of protection for your skin. Put it on right after a shower as a first layer of protection, then apply our Citrus Bug Spray if you're headed into the woods or outdoors for an extended period of time.

Last week we talked about how our Citrus Bug Spray is good for most areas of your body but not around the sensitive areas. Our Lavenderwood Lotion is great for your neck area (both front and back) and especially your ears.

Stop critters from gnawing on your neckline or buzzing in your ears this summer with some help from Vermont Lavender.

Lots of moisturizers have a heavy feel to them. Heavier consistency doesn't necessarily mean you'll get better nourishment from a lotion; what matters more are the ingredients.

Our Lavenderwood Lotion has aloe vera and a higher water content, so not only does it moisturize your skin effectively, it does so lightly, not heavily.

This summer, lighten things up - with help from Vermont Lavender.

Another challenge when looking for a moisturizing lotion: one that'll work for both men and women.

Lots of lotions you find in retail stores are heavily perfumed so they aren't useful for all the people in your household. The light, fresh scents of lavender and cedarwood delight just about everyone, so we've got everyone covered - literally.

Planning to enjoy a fire pit or watch the sunset? Leave a comment to let me know how your protecting yourself this summer.

Instead of covering yourself in sticky commercial spray, put some of our Lavenderwood Lotion on before you head outside. The bugs won't like it, but you will.

Have fun!

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