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Facial Care

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Facial Care

Another sign that your skin is overly dry from the winter air is a visible increase in facial wrinkles. I know no one wants to hear that, but unfortunately, it's true.

Cold weather is dry with very low humidity. The collagen in your skin needs moisture. Additionally, as we age, the ability of our skin to create the protective oils we need declines. When you add all of this up, and throw indoor heat on top, there's no mystery as to why our faces get really dry and look older at this time of year.

The key to avoiding this is moisturizing and doing it well and often with a face moisturizing product that's all-natural and contains ingredients that helps the skin heal and hold in the moisture.

Our all-natural Regenerating Rose Balm is made just for the face. It protects from the elements while helping with those winter wrinkles.

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