It's Contest Monday Here At Vermont Lavender

 Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook - will win a Vermont Lavender Bug Defense Kit!
It's not just Monday, it's Contest Monday! 2020

One lucky person on each of the social media platforms we're on - Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook - will win a Vermont Lavender Bug Defense Kit!

Here's how to do it:
1. Tag a friend in the comments with an '@' sign and the person's name in Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook
2. Write "Bug off bugs!" with your tag
3. Do this as many times as you want through this Friday, June 26th at 5pm *BUT* each time you do it, you need to tag a new person
4. On Tuesday, June 30th, we'll announce one winner per platform! (NOTE: you can only win on one platform)

Tell bugs to bugger off this summer with help from Vermont Lavender. Our contest starts NOW! 🛑🦟

Bugs comes in lots of sizes (especially Vermont mosquitos - have you seen them? 😮). That's why we make our Big Bug Stick in two sizes: our 1/2 ounce travel size and our regular 2 ounce size.


We're giving away *3* Bug Defense Kits on June 30th with our contest that starts Monday! So stay, check us out at the beginning of next week, and see how you can win!

One of the bug defense products exclusive to our Bug Defense Kit is the Natural Insect Deterrent Gel.

Made with Aloe Vera gel and Cedarwood, lavender, geranium, lemongrass, and citronella essential oils, the deterrent gel is cool on the skin and repelling to bugs. Put it on before heading outdoors or use it after you get a bite to help soothe and heal. Make it a first layer of protection before applying our Citrus Bug Spray.

Smell good to everyone but bugs this summer with Vermont Lavender - and you can do it for FREE by entering our contest to WIN a Bug Defense Kit! Just tag someone below with the phrase "Bug off bugs!" Winners announced June 30th. See yesterday's post for more details.

Each Bug Defense Kit comes with a small Bug Soap that is made with essential oils and oat extract.

Oat extract soothes all kinds of skin types, so this soap is great for calming the itches from bug bites as well as heat rashes, eczema, and psoriasis.
Best of all, you have a shot at winning this soap & the rest of the Bug Defense Kit with our giveaway! Just tag someone in the comments with the phrase "Bug off bugs!" and we'll reveal the winners next week! One winner per social media account we're on. Ready, set, Bug Defense Kit!

We've got some big bugs here in Vermont which is why we created the Citrus Bug Stick!

A tough defense layer against bugs, our Bug Stick contains lemon eucalyptus (which is as strong as DEET), geranium, peppermint, rosemary and a touch of citronella essential oils, along with cocoa butter and soybean oil that penetrates and nourishes the skin, forming a protective layer bugs can't penetrate. Additionally, it smells great to us but not to them, so they stay away!

We're giving away 3 Bug Defense Kits next week so what are you waiting for? Tag friends and family in the comments with "Bug off bugs!" and see if you're a winner!

We're having so much fun with our contest that we're extending it over the weekend through Monday!

That's right - keep tagging people in the comments and you have a shot at winning 1 of 3 Vermont Lavender Bug Defense Kits! Use it for yourself, gift it to the campers in your life, or take it with you on summer vacation this year.

All you have to do is tag someone in the comment section with the phrase "Bug off bugs!" and we'll choose one winner each on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Enjoy the weekend and remember to tag us!

For Announced winners go to Vermont Lavender's Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Follow me too!

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