Lavender Essential Oil Where is it Sourced?

Lavender essential oil

As you can probably guess, lavender is the number one essential oil we use. In fact, we keep a big bottle of it on hand when we are in production mode.

We source as much therapeutic-grade lavender oil here in the US as we can. The oil isn't something I can procure myself - it takes thousands of lavender flowers to get just a small amount of therapeutic-grade essential lavender oil, and many hours to produce the oil. We'd spend all our time creating our own oil instead of creating great products for your skin!

 It's very important to use the therapeutic grade because these are 'truer' essential oils. Certified therapeutic grade - which is the only kind we use in our products - means three things:

 💐 The oils are sourced from their own natural habitat and are not contaminated from polluted soil or pesticides.

💐 The oils do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients and adhere to very strict quality control.

💐 Only this level of quality can ensure the correct composition of the active natural compounds that give the essential oils the therapeutic properties.

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