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The Benefits Of Lavender Oil Are Tranquility Aromatherapy Healing

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Tranquility, Aromatherapy & Healing Powers

The benefits of lavender oil have many medicinal healing properties. It reduces stress and calms the nervous system, lifts depression and eases headaches and insomnia. Lavender is one of the best “go to” essential oil because of its variety of uses.


The essential oil of Lavandula angustifolia Lavender Bulgarian in particular is one of the best oils to use and should be a staple in your home. This variety is known for its beauty, floral aroma and a multi-purpose oil.


The essential oil of Lavandula stoechas Lavender Extra is known as the French lavender. This variety is used in the perfume industry for romance and allure. It has a floral, sweet and herbaceous aroma.


The essential oil is either used neat meaning without being diluted or if you have skin sensitivity use carrier oil like sweet almond oil, jojoba, avocado and any other variety. Test a small area on your skin before using to make sure there isn’t an allergic reaction.

Benefits of Lavender Oil


Emotionally – reduces anxiety attacks

Soothing and nurturing

Insomnia - restorative sleep


Recipe for anxiety

  • Blend four drops of Bulgarian lavender
  • Add four drops of helichrysum with 3 teaspoons of Aloe vera gel
  • Use to soothe skin while naturally reducing anxiety levels


Recipe for insomnia   

  • Blend four drops of Bulgarian or Extra lavender essential oil with two drops of Roman chamomile
  • Put this in an oil diffuser and relax

Benefits of Lavender Oil - Aromatherapy

Massage oil

Bath water – calming

Spray mist – room spray


Recipe for massage oil      

  • Blend eight to twelve drop s of Bulgarian lavender
  • With one ounce of carrier oil – almond, grape seed, jojoba
  • Place in a small bottle and store in a cool dark dry place


Recipe for bath water 

  • After your water is drawn and turned off
  • Add six to twelve drops of essential oil
  • Swish around, step in and enjoy


Recipe for spray mist      

  • Put five to ten drops of essential oil into a one to two ounce spray bottle
  • Fill with distilled water
  • Add a little vodka for preservation
  • Shake and spray the room, pillow or as a body mist


Aromatherapy massage oil are used for throat infections, skin sores, inflammation, rheumatic aches, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Benefits of Lavender Oil - Healing Powers

Physical ailments – allergies, arthritis…

Insect bites and stings

Small (cooled) burns


Recipe for physical ailments

  • Discuss with healthcare provider first if taking prescription medicine


Recipe for insect bites & stings

  • In a small glass or ceramic bowl combine the following and make a paste               
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil
  • Several drops of distilled/filtered water
  • Apply to insect bite and wash off


Recipe for small burns 

  • This is for first degree and cooled burns.
  • 12 drops lavender essential oil
  •  ½ cup of Aloe vera gel
  • Blend well together and gently apply to a cooled burn
  • Repeat as necessary