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Top 10 Selfcare Routines and Ideas – Reduce Stress For A Healthier YOU

Posted by Diane Maurice on
Diane owner of Vermont Lavender in my lavender herb garden

Here Are The Top 10 Self-care Ideas And Routines For 2024.

With the holidays over and starting a new year it’s an exciting time to build a daily self-care routine. This will help keep stress levels down while increasing a more restful mind.


I don’t know about you, but my mind is always working, even when I’m sleeping. So, it’s important to make a daily routine to find a way to relax the mind and body.


You can do this too with 10 simple suggestions. And hopefully help settle your mind so you can relax, sleep better and be healthier.


Beauty Self-Care

  1. Take a warm bubble bath or warm shower using scents that help to relax the mind and de-stress.


If you’re having trouble sleeping at night then bath salts that have magnesium chloride will help.

  • Relax muscles
  • Reduces cramping and muscle spasms – commonly called a “Charlie Horse”
  • Restores red blood cells and reduces inflammation

 Skin Health

  1. Drink lots of water. Half your body weight. So, if you weigh 160 lbs. then 80 ounces of water daily will be enough.


  • How does this help your skin stay beautiful and hydrated?


  • Your flushing toxins that build up especially in the winter months. This is due to the lack of outdoors activities like gardening or biking, especially where the weather is colder with perhaps – snow.


  1. Exfoliate the skin


  • You may consider sugar scrubs that can either be with or without a soaping agent normally called a whipped sugar scrub. What’s whipped sugar scrub? A sugar scrub that forms a rich soapy lather while naturally exfoliating the skin at the same time. Another goal item I’d like to offer to my customers this year made with lavender essential oil.


  1. Organize your make-up – cosmetics and other related products


  • This would be your brushes, sponges, creams, lotions, facial care and other related products.


  1. Clean those makeup brushes after organizing your related makeup products.


  1. Wash your hair. Typically done when taking a shower, but some women make this a special day to wash their hair day. It’s better for your scalp to wash your hair every other day or 1-2 times per week.


  • Have you ever tried a handmade soap made with eggs? A project I’ll be developing this year. I have chickens so I’ll have enough eggs to try this project out.


  1. Eat healthy. It’s not always possible because we all like to treat ourselves, but reminding ourselves why we want to eat healthy will help to get us back on track.


  1. See friends and positive family members to reconnect and build a sense of belonging.


  1. Taking a moment each day to do something YOU love to do. I know as a mother and wife it’s sometime hard to take a moment for me. So, when I do - it makes me feel better and I haven’t lost a sense of self to others.


  1. Meditation and prayer help build connection to the earth and the lord above if you are religious.


A peaceful mind full of love and self-worth are part of a daily self-care routine that may produce less wrinkles and stress levels. Thus, resulting in more positive feelings to tackle everyday stresses.


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